Aug. 25th, 2008

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To wake up in time for my 8AM class, I naturally set my alarm for 7AM.

I instead awoke at 6AM, writhing in pain. After a few minutes of unproductive writhing, I was in a more awakened state and realized that the aforementioned writhing is a sign that I need to get my ass to the bathroom. Turning off my alarm so as not to wake my roommate, I went off and did my business; came back to my room and saw that it was now 7AM. "Perfect," I thought, "I'm still right on schedule." Packed up all I would need for the day(which was a mistake at any rate) and so at 7:20, I had all but my map. Took me 10 damn minutes of searching until my roomie woke up and pointed it out to me.

So! 7:30 and I was on my way. All seemed in place. Unfortunately, being me(and having the associated digestive problems, in this case) can suck sometimes. Today was one of those times. Going out the door, my stomach began its wailing and gnashing of teeth once more. I tried to ignore it, but before I was even halfway to the Chemistry Building, I found myself running back to my dorm. 7:45, and I was in the bathroom again until 8:30.

So I went off again, this time with no complaints from my inner workings, and made it to the Chemistry Building just as my first class was ending. Fortunately, my second class is also chem-related, otherwise I wouldn't have headed out at all. Also, the TA for both classes is one and the same; the two classes being the two halves of one whole. So I was caught up on what happened, given paperwork, etc. etc. After spending an hour watching safety videos and checking to see whether our supply lockers had equipment or useless, broken glass in them, we were let out at 10AM, from a class that would normally have ended at noon. So now I get to blog about what a craptastic day I've been having, both figuratively and literally. On the plus side, at least it was stomach problems and not simply sleeping through it.

Pepto Bismol and Tums will need to be en route soon, methinks.


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