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Birthdate:Mar 3
Location:Meriden, Connecticut, United States of America
Hi. My name is Chris Kwolek. I also go by Demetrius Volek, which is somewhat of a pen name, even though I don't write that much.

I like computers more than most people, in the sense that I like computers more than most people do, but also in the sense that I like computers more than I like most people. Even though I use horribly outdated technology, I loves my computers. They're like my childrens. I even name them. But, I digress, creepily.

I frequent a forum known as Antioch Forever. Most of the people there didn't like me much at first, but through an arduous hazing process, I became the bitter, sarcastic person I am today.

I follow the religious practices of Neo-Pagan Druidry(which can also go by a bunch of other names and still be an accurate depiction of my beliefs). I have found fulfillment with this religion after an arduous search. In short, I followed Catholicism for the greater part of my life, gave that up when I had doubts and became an Atheist, than followed LaVey's hedonistic Satanism for a while until I realized it wasn't all it was cracked up to be, then was a Shiveist until he told us all that being worshiped creeped him right the fuck out, and found Neo-Pagan Druidry shortly thereafter.

I frequented a gaming center called Digital Mayhem, until some fucking corporation bought out the place it was in last July. It re-opened in early-to-mid November, and since then I've been frequenting it once more, and trying to get a job there. Update: Screw getting a job there, I'm getting a job a City Hall now that I know just about every politician in Meriden on a personal level.

Interests (149):

8-bit theater, 80s music, alternative music, angel, anime, antioch forever, antioch wars, art, astronomy, bamboo, bawls, becoming a god, blizzard, books, buffy, buffy the vampire slayer, campus crusade for cthulu, cartoons, celtic rock, chrono trigger, coffee, comic books, comics, computer games, computers, cthulhu, d&d, d20, d20 modern, dance dance revolution, david, debating, diablo 2, digital mayhem, doom, douglas adams, dragons, drawing, dungeons and dragons, el goonish shive, fairy tales, fantasy, fiction, final fantasy, firefly, fireworks, food, friends, gameboy advance, gamecube, gaming, geek pride, geeks, guild wars, guns, halo, halo 2, hamburgers, harry potter, homestar runner, incense, indiana jones, internet, jack sparrow, katt, kimi, libertarians librarians and literture-arians, literature, live journal, lord of the rings, making bad puns, making decent puns, making good puns, megatokyo, minesweeper, morrowind, movies, music, mythos, n, neo-pagan druidry, nexus war, nightwish, ninjas, nobuo uematsu, obsessive-compulsive disorder, old ones, opera, outer gods, pagans, penny arcade, phantasy star, philosophy, pirates, pizza, pocky, poetry, politics, preternatural horrors, procrastination, purple, questionable content, r'lyeh, reading, role play, role-playing, rpg, rpgs, sci-fi, science fiction, serenity, skittles, sleeping, sluggy, stand-up philosophy, star trek, star trek:tng, star wars, starcraft, stargate sg-1, stargazing, stars, strange aeons, sunken cities, super smash brothers, swedish fish, tabletop gaming, tabletop roleplay, terranigma, the antioch chronicles, the daily show, the death of death, the ur-quan masters, the wotch, those little canada mints, tolkien, tower fans, transformers, unspeakable horror, urban dead, vengeance, video games, weapons, web comics, wisdom, world of warcraft, wow, zelda, zombies
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