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Well, CTC was awesome. I met up with a bunch of friends there, which was cool. Mostly Katt and I just wandered around aimlessly, checking out whatever looked interesting. We both got a bunch of snacks, and here's the list of the cool stuff:

A Cthulhu plushie that now resides over my E-Machine(Cthulhu is my little buddy!).
Fuzzy 20-sided dice that hang over one of my foozeball table bars.
An Applegeeks "Power" bandana.
A Questionable Content shirt("Math is delicious!").
A portait of myself as a zombie.
I also bought Katt a not-so-graphic novel. She read it there and enjoyed it tremendously. Hooray! (Actually, I didn't even know about the slightly graphic nature of it until after the purchase. I dealt with it the same way as everything else of that nature: I laughed at the absurdity of the world.)

And Katt bought:
A bunch of chopsticks.
A "chibi" portrait of herself.

All in all, this was pretty awesome. Of course, next year's con will be even better, since Katt and I will be able to compensate for the few flaws that were found this year.


Well, tomorrow I say goodbye to Katt, and I won't see her again until mid-November. Actually, that's not entirely accurate; I may see her in August, but that depends on a few things.

But for now, I'm just going to relax after a long, awesome day.


Jul. 7th, 2006 12:38 am
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Well, I was lucky enough that my paretns were feeling generous, so I'll be able to pay for Katt and myself to go to CTC, and even buy some cool stuff there. Wednesday I went to a party at Katt's place, which was pretty awesome. Tomorrow--or today, rather, it's past midnight--Katt and I go to the local LAN gaming center, then Saturday, it's CONNECTICON! Woo!

Besides that, I've been studying Futhark runes and Cthulian lore, mainly for my own amusement, but also to broaden my interests.

Oh, and I got a new chair. It's a step up from my torn up folding chair, and it's far more durable, but I'm still waiting for the day that I can get an actual armchair rather than camping gear or outdoor furniture.
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Well, I was quite pleased when I discovered that I could see Katt on Saturday after all. We watched some fireworks, talked quite a bit, then when the fireworks ended I went back to David's house, and proceeded to kick some ass in Age of Empires. I didn't win, but I still kicked a lot of ass. That went on until 5:00 AM, then Peter (brother, I don't think I've mentioned that yet) and Darren (David's brother) went to sleep, while David and I played World of Warcraft. We went to sleep around 7:00 AM. Sunday we watched some movies and ate copious amounts of Ramen. More AoE and WoW at night, and that was a day.

Monday Peter and I went home. 6:00 I went over to Katt's house, hung out, and at 9:00 we went to see more fireworks. We talked about some stuff, most of it focused on the sad fact that she'll be going back to Maryland next Sunday. The resolution of the conversation was overall good, since we know we'll be together again someday. Cliched happy ending. I love her so much. Then at 10:00, back home for me.

Today I got an e-mail from CTC, which was less than a good thing. Apparantly, I misinterpreted the "N/A" for price on single-day memberships. I figured that meant pre-reg for single-days were free. However, it was actually that one cannot pre-reg for single day memberships. And the door price is $35. That doesn't mean Katt and I can't go, it just means we won't be able to buy any cool stuff there. Ah well. It'll still be fun.


Jun. 24th, 2006 11:42 pm
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Well, I made the honour roll. So, I got back my television and other two computers. (Though, those two are mostly just decorations--they just BARELY work. And I only have one internet hookup, so I can really only use one at a time anyhow.) So, now that I have nothing to worry about for the next few months, I can get to really relaxing.

Ahhhhh... My life rocks.

Anyhow, I went to a party today. My sister's boyfriend's sister's graduation party. Our families are friends, so my whole family was invited. It was a pretty good party. I met up with some fellow nerds and talked about video games, anime, and ConnectiCon. Which reminds me, I need to go check something.

Damn. Still no e-mail from ConnectiCon.
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I sent in my registration 4 days ago, the final day for free entry. I'll be going on July 8 with Katt, who will be up from Maryland that week.



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