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I will be keeping an hourly journal of the events that happen during the overnighter at DM(the LAN Gaming Center which I frequent). I've been to one of these before, but this time many of my friends will be coming. Thus!

A knock came on my door. I rushed to get my wallet, housekey, DM sweater, and my heavier over-sweater and ran down to the door. Minutes later, Evan and I arrive at DM. We sign in to the seat assignment chart and all is ready. I ask Dan(DM owner) to try and keep some nearby seats open for our friends who will be arriving closer to the beginning of the overnighter. 10 bucks gets me computer access from 9-12, which is when the overnighter begins.

More in an hour.


Nov. 3rd, 2006 03:43 pm
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I am now a moderator on the general discussion subforum of the Digital Mayhem forums. This allows me to have my username appear in neat-o gold lettering, plus I can smite the spambots that have plagued that forum as of late(which is how I became a mod; I mentioned how I visit the forum several times a day and notice the spamthreads undeleted).

This may well be the first small step to becoming a god. Already I have minor smiting abilities. And if I can aquire a job at DM, then I'll get full moderation abilities. Not that I really need more power than I have now; my current moderator status allows me to deal with the spambots quite facilly.

Either way, this makes me happy. : )


Oct. 15th, 2006 03:16 am
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"Look for an announcement on Oct. 20 with all the details for the new DM!!"


In case I've not mentioned it before, DM, or Digital Mayhem as it is fully called, is a gaming center where I spent my Friday nights until a large clothing store decided to wave its flaccid dick around and buy out the spot Digital Mayhem used to occupy. This led to a long struggle to find a new location, which, after many delays and legal shit, is nearing its completion.

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Well, my favorite LAN gaming center is moving. It left Meriden on July 10, and will be moving to Wallingford, an update of which should be released tomorrow. I'm awaiting this with bated breath.

Good Day.

Mar. 11th, 2006 11:59 pm
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Today was a good day, as can be seen from the title. After visiting my grandparents, I went to the mall with my brother, sister, and sister's boyfriend. I left them and went to EB Games, and bought Animal Crossing(I've heard some good reviews. It's pretty fun so far, but nothing happens after 10PM!). Afterwards, I went down to Digital Mayhem (pretty much a mallrat haven. It's a Lan Gaming Center.) and, to my surprise, quite a few people I knew were there. Usually my friends only go there for Free Gaming Friday, because it's cheap and convenient. So, I talked with Cliff and Chris for a while, then they left. I loafed around on the big square cusion thingy, then Kimi walked in(note: Kimi is one of my best friends.). So, that was cool. I walked around with her and one of her friends (didn't catch her name) and then we met up with Will, too. We talked about some random things. When we went outside to make phone calls (the mall is enclosed in concrete. Structurally sound, but phonecalls can't get through very well. Anyhoo, I first tried calling Kat (my girlfriend [<3]) but unfortunately, she wasn't home. That was realy the only down point of the evening. Afterwards, I called David (best friend) and, well, pestered him. I didn't have any actual reason to call. He changed his WoW password so I couldn't play on Fridays anymore(when I go to DM, where I could play.). So, basically, I just kept asking him to tell me the new one. But, I digress. More random chatter, then we bought chocolate and then I had to leave.

There was about half a pound of Swedish Fish somewhere in there, near the beginning. Almost forgot about that.


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