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A quick look through my archives here will show that I have a storied history of taking Day/NyQuil to withstand the illnesses I contract, illness being a condition I find myself in far more than I'd like. Thankfully, these medicines are very effective in battling cold symptoms, or else my whole life would be thrown into turmoil as I spend a week or more, bedridden with pain and weakness.

Which is why The Ambulance Chasers of Mark E. Salmon and Morelli have been added to my Ledger of Hatred. You may be familiar with their commercials in which they cite off some side effect of a drug and follow up with offers of "CALL US NOW AND WE'LL HELP YOU SUE PEOPLE!" And usually it's some drug I'm not familiar with, so I've always just ignored it.

But now that they're going after acetaminophen, which is the active ingredient in Day/NyQuil (as well as Tylenol, which is the specific medicine they're going after), I can see just how dishonest these people are. They claim that acetaminophen can cause liver damage, which is true. And this is why products that use acetaminophen HAVE WARNING LABELS PLASTERED ALL OVER THEM.

I know that I may one day suffer liver damage from my dependence on Day/NyQuil to get through colds. If and when that day comes, I will not be relying on Salmon and Morelli to take money away from honest pharmaceutical companies, especially when their product has been so vital to my overall well-being. Maybe it's because I'm one of the few people left in the world who is actually willing to take responsibility for their own actions, rather than just blame everyone except for the one person who is actually to blame.

What does worry me though is that pharmaceutical companies--which already don't do too well business-wise, especially if they're doing any research to find better medicines--may have to stop using acetaminophen in their products to avoid getting sued into bankruptcy. If this happens, I and countless others like me--people who are taken completely out of commission when a cold hits unless we can get some effective medicine--will be left with no recourse whenever we are stricken by illness.
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