Jun. 30th, 2006 11:57 pm
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I'm at my David's house again, using his LAN. And tomorrow, Katt comes back! I won't see her until Monday, but still, woooo!

Life is goooood.
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Well, I've been at a friend's house since Friday afternoon. It's been really cool, using high-speed LAN rather than laggy VZW broadband, but more important, it's been awesome visiting my friends.

We played a bunch of video games; Age of Empires, Phantasy Star Online, Ragnarok, World of Warcraft, and Starcraft. Yeah, we're such nerds.

My parents should be coming soon to pick me up. At least, I hope it's soon, because I have a final tomorrow. (English final, last one before summer!)

Good Day.

Mar. 11th, 2006 11:59 pm
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Today was a good day, as can be seen from the title. After visiting my grandparents, I went to the mall with my brother, sister, and sister's boyfriend. I left them and went to EB Games, and bought Animal Crossing(I've heard some good reviews. It's pretty fun so far, but nothing happens after 10PM!). Afterwards, I went down to Digital Mayhem (pretty much a mallrat haven. It's a Lan Gaming Center.) and, to my surprise, quite a few people I knew were there. Usually my friends only go there for Free Gaming Friday, because it's cheap and convenient. So, I talked with Cliff and Chris for a while, then they left. I loafed around on the big square cusion thingy, then Kimi walked in(note: Kimi is one of my best friends.). So, that was cool. I walked around with her and one of her friends (didn't catch her name) and then we met up with Will, too. We talked about some random things. When we went outside to make phone calls (the mall is enclosed in concrete. Structurally sound, but phonecalls can't get through very well. Anyhoo, I first tried calling Kat (my girlfriend [<3]) but unfortunately, she wasn't home. That was realy the only down point of the evening. Afterwards, I called David (best friend) and, well, pestered him. I didn't have any actual reason to call. He changed his WoW password so I couldn't play on Fridays anymore(when I go to DM, where I could play.). So, basically, I just kept asking him to tell me the new one. But, I digress. More random chatter, then we bought chocolate and then I had to leave.

There was about half a pound of Swedish Fish somewhere in there, near the beginning. Almost forgot about that.


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